Monday, October 29, 2012

An Acid Witch Hallowe'en & Farewell

I had to crawl back out of the woodwork upon hearing of the apparent demise of The Living Doorway and also because it's Hallowe'en. For me, these things are linked in a cosmic chain of events. My obsession with that dark celebration led me to TLD for the first time in search of Acid Witch, a band that seemed pretty interested in Hallowe'en too. JGD's posts showed excellent taste in pure refined brutality (not to mention canine companions) and ultimately led me to Australia's Portal, they who have warped me forever. Anyway, I knew when I started MCBO I'd post some Acid Witch eventually and I just couldn't leave that obligation to unobligate itself. Happy Hallowe'en.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Prophecy Crickets

 On the same evening this week I stepped into a rehearsal room with a drummer & bass player for the first time in oh, say, ten years and we arranged and recorded a brand-new composition of my very own and then during a break I found out from my mom my hospitalized dad might never be able to eat solid food again. So I've been distracted from the art of blogging lately. So here's some awesome stuff from Texas, whar mah famlee n ah'm frum YA'LL...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blueprint for Brutal Death Metal - Visceral Disgorge

 Maybe brownprint would be more appropriate.

Makes sense that they're from Baltimore- all this stuff about eating shit. The denizens film themselves eating it off the sidewalk there, apparently. The guy on the right even looks like John Waters. These guys probably grew up at the Maryland Deathfest. Anyway, they made a great record. Recommended.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Krampüs - Not The Folk Metal Band

I don't normally post new releases especially right after everyone else has posted them but I've been busy with my own musical project this week so I'm a little distracted from blogging
and/but this record is so much fun I'm posting it anyway. You can just see
them li'l demons hoppity-hop-hopping around skewering people.
Krampüs are from Hungary and not to be confused with the Italian folk metal band...